Beat A Drug Test With Goldenseal Root

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Don’t you just love herbal plants? They possessed natural substances that can cure almost any ailment the human body and they’re not also a burden to a person’s pocket. We will focus on particular herbal plant that possesses the ability to beat a drug test, an herbal plant called goldenseal. Goldenseal or more specifically goldenseal root is used as a used by Native American tribes as a medicine long before the Europeans came to the Americas. The root is use to treat disorders like protracted fevers, catarrhal gastritis, cirrhosis, atonic dyspepsia, hepatic congestion, chronic constipation and uterine subinvolution.

Nowadays goldenseal is used as an astringent, antiseptic, bitter tonic, anti-inflammatory, laxative, anti-catarrhal, anti-diabetic, alterative and muscular stimulant. One of its component is Berbine can kill germs and bacteria in the human body. It will also helps in purging toxins and fight infection by activating the body’s white blood cell to kill bacteria. It is also used by people who know how to beat a drug test with goldenseal.
Goldenseal is available for purchase in the market and comes in many forms. It comes in capsule and liquid form when sold as detox agents. In capsule form take it twice a day daily or follow the instructions that comes with the capsules and in liquid form it is taken in two or three drops and added to glass of water that has a 8 oz of water. Water must be mixed daily with goldenseal and drunk in four and six glasses over several days a week to clear out the body system. You can have detailed information at

While goldenseal can detoxify your body it does not have the ability to mask any THC in your body they will show up in the screening process. It would be very obvious that you are trying to pass a drug test in spite of the fact that you are using illegal drugs and substances. This in turn can cost you your job or being rejected as an applicant for a job.

If you’re going to use goldenseal try to find out if you have an adverse reaction to it. It is not safe for individuals with blood clotting problems, pregnant women, children who are under 18 use goldenseal. Constant and daily use of goldenseal brings a problem of its own causing irritation to the skin, throat, mouth and vagina as well as diarrhea and nausea.

So far goldenseal root has varying degrees of success as mentioned it can detoxify and purge your body of toxins and as well as an alternative form of treatment for body disorder. I should also mention that if you’re going to buy commercially sold goldenseal that are in capsule and liquid form the sales agent who sold you that goldenseal product will warn the buyer that while it treats the body disorder and purify its and it may have varied levels of effectiveness in eliminating substances like THC and goldenseal may have a strange reaction due to interaction with other substances. Another danger to goldenseal plant is that it has suffered over-harvesting due to its popularity of being an alternative medicine and drug test baiting effects.

Anyone who is looking for ways on how to beat a drug test should bear this in mind, using goldenseal is unnecessary if individuals have a clean and healthy lifestyle.
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