The Wonderful Uses Of Golden Seal Root

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Medicines of all sorts are being bought and used by millions of people daily to treat their ailments. But all too often medicines are costly even for those who can afford them and because of this some often resort to herbal plants in order to save money and one of these herbal plants in goldenseal.

Goldenseal which is in northeastern US and southeast Canada has always been used as a medicine by Native American people long before Europeans came to North America. The root and leaves of the goldenseal are used in treating ailments and used as a detoxifying agent for getting rid of chemical like THC. There are claims that golden seal root can be used to treat cancer is one of the various drug tests.
When used as a medicine goldenseal can treat ailments like:

* Respiratory problems – When mixed with Echinacea it will bring relief from flu, stuffy noses, hay fever, bronchitis and the common cold
* Diarrhea – A person who’s stool is causing problems and needs relief badly. Alkaloids that are found in goldenseal have antimicrobial effects that will deal with the problem.

* Anti-diabetic treatment – the plant is capable of lower the levels of sugar and increase the production of insulin in the body.
* Skin conditions – Acne, canker sores, yeast infections, athlete’s foot and various skin and mouth irritations are dealt with goldenseal.
* Blood control – This would be internal and external bleeding as well as excessive menstruation. The blood flows in the blood vessels are affected by goldenseal.

The only use of golden seal root as a detoxifying agent is to flush out all toxins and THC in the body. While capable of beating drug tests, the goldenseal plant is mainly used as means of passing a drug test and is often mentioned as a way on how to pass any drug test.

As a drug detox agent, goldenseal is available in capsule or liquid form. In capsule form it is taken according to the directions that are given the least which 2 capsules a day. In liquid form goldenseal is added to water and drunk. Best drunk in 8 ounces glass of water and drinking it daily in 4 to 6 glasses of water. Regardless of whether it is taken in capsule form or liquid form the results are the same THC is flushed out form the body.
While golden seal root possesses lots of beneficial effects for the human body, it is far from perfect and has side effects when taken too much and in large quantities and has not-so-beneficial effects on pregnant women and young children. Also goldenseal can be detected in a urine drug test and it is a dead giveaway that the individual is attempting to hide any illegal substances in his/her body.
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